Uniscan Scanner

1989 - 1998 / Instrumentation
One of the first scanners created in the USSR makes it possible to image any object, from a sheet of paper to the landscape behind the window.


Expanding use of computer equipment in the USSR provided new opportunities for innovative developments.


In the end of 1980s, a group of young engineers from the Institute of Automation and Electrometry (IA&E, SB RAS) initiated development of an overhead scanner. Having achieved some success, they established a cooperative society and got on with development and promotion of their project.

Their work resulted in Uniscan overhead scanner that combined the features of a scanner and of a state-of-the-art digital camera. The resolution of 72 megapixels was enough to see distinct lashes on an A0 size image of a man.


Scanner Uniscan


The first prototypes of the scanner produces black-and-white or grey-scale images. “Discover the world in all the shades of grey!” they joked in booklets. Design was also not the best thing in the scanner.


Andrey Bryzgalov:
You don’t like the design, do you? But do you question the quality of tanks? No, you don’t. However the people who created the scanner used to make tanks before.


Later colored filters were added to the construction and since that time the scanner is able to capture colorful images.

Uniscan scanner was used to capture and process images for printing, text recognition and data base creation, for map-making and engineering purposes, for digitization of rare books in the state libraries and for macro- and micrography of nonmoving objects. Combination of scanner with microscope proved to be very useful for forensic medical examinations — Uniscan scanner turned out to be the best solution for the field in the whole world.


A microscope with Uniscan scanner


During the period since 1989 till 1998 we sold about 450 scanners. The buyers were not only from Russia and CIS countries but also from abroad. For example the USA purchased some models of the scanner to digitize pictures in the art gallery.

Uniscan scanners were one of the first color scanners in Russia and the homonymous company was the only Russian large-scale scanner manufacture.

Technical Leads — Viktor Molchanov, Andrey Bryzgalov
Programmer — Vyacheslav Tretyakov
Electronic Engineer — Vyacheslav Tretyakov
Expert — Sergey Novozhilov
Design engineer — Peter Pavlov
Engineer — Konstantin Peshkov
Sales — Margarita Bryzgalova, Valery Goncharov, Tatiana Mostovova, Yuri Pisarenko, Sergey Krytsyn, Vladimir Pivovarov
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