Mapping System-11

The geographic information system allowed using more sensors which translated into extended coverage and an ability to detect several intrusions at the same time.


UGS Mk1 system started to be used for extended perimeter protection more and more often. The advantages of connecting systems into complexes instead of using them parallel to each other became absolutely clear.


We developed a geographic information system that stored data of all sensors and displayed them on a map. It helped to increase the coverage and detect several intrusions at the same time.


Andrey Bryzgalov:
To present the new version of the system, we transmitted the output of the sensors to a monitor located more than 100 km away. The commander enjoyed the system, its work and the fact that it showed the path of the intruders’ motion that he started to command to the monitor: “Back off!”, he shouted and intruders obeyed. A quick-witted adjutant passed on the orders by radio, and in the end everybody was happy.


Interface of Mapping System-11 in 2003

Alexey Sterinovitch:
The system got its name because of the scheduled release date: the first version had to be ready by March 11, 2002. We did not think long and named it "Mapping System-11". 

Programmers — Alexey Sterinovitch, Vadim Zabrodin, Pavel Karavaev
Expert — Andrey Bryzgalov
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The second edition of the secutity system with ruggedized sensors and bigger coverage.

An add-on to UGS Mk2 security system that allowed remote verification of false alarms.

An add-on to UGS Mk2 for more efficient alarms monitoring in the open areas.