Video Surveillance System

Soon UGS Mk2 was complemented with a video surveillance system that allowed remote verification of false alarms. From then on, operators could sent the guards to the alarm location only in case the alarm was true.


The system deployed on the border posts had to be complemented with a reconnaissance system.


Uniscan Research team designed a video surveillance system that transmitted video image of the protected area to the distance of more than 10 km. The video surveillance system had low energy consumption as most of the time it spent in standby mode and video transmission started on the operator's command or was triggered by the sensor. Besides the camera could capture the image both at day-time and at night.

Components of the video surveillance system

Electronic Engineer — Aleksei Lukashov
Programmers — Aleksei Lukashov, Alexey Sterinovitch
Design engineer — Peter Pavlov
Physicist — Sergey Novozhilov

Microwave Technologies
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An add-on to UGS Mk2 for more efficient alarms monitoring in the open areas.

An add-on to UGS Mk2 security system for more efficient alarm monitoring in the open areas.

Security system that traces the exact path of the intruder.