Radio Sensor

The system is integrated with radio sensors that detect variations in the electromagnetic field when it is crossed by a human.


On the civil market, invisibility to intruders (so essential on the border) gives no advantages. Civil properties are fenced and it's clear that the fenced territory is protected. At the same time the market offered the security systems that could me seen from the outside and were better in alarm detection.


We developed radio sensors that were capable to protect an extended area. The sensors were integrated into the UGS Mk2  system and demonstrated their efficiency for protecting the borders of open areas.

The first generation of the motion sensors was manufactured by our partners. We just added a radio modem and refined the holders. However, the rejection rate was too high and follow-up was quite time-consuming so we developed a distinct sensor.

Chief Developer — Anatoly Kozlov
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Security system that traces the exact path of the intruder.

Perimeter security solution: a compromise between the detailed path and nonvector alarm.

New microwave sensor for UGS Mk2 system ensures security in difficult seismic and/or weather conditions.