Tracking Sensor

Since 2001, we had been developing an alternative system that would be able to effectively trace the intruder's path. The system was released in 2011.


This is one of the few developments initiated by the physicists of Uniscan-Research. From the technological point of vies, the tracking sensor had naturally evolved from the point sensor. By using existing data, the sensor provided detailed information on the path of intruders’ movement within the accurancy of distinct steps.


The task of a tracking sensor development was approached by different team of physicists. However the whole number of the sensor generations did not find an application. The sensor transmitted the data with a high accuracy and had no competitors in the market but the high accuracy and small tracking range made it highly expensive to use.

The first sensor to be actually used was released in 2010. To reduce the cost, we decreases the accuracy of tracking, from distinct steps to the general path. The sensor can track the target with a range of 100 m.

Testing of the tracking sensor

Physicists — Peter Vorobyov, Anatoly Kozlov, Sergey Yeremenko, Sergey Alyamkin, Viktor Molchanov
Programmer — Pavel Karavaev
Expert — Andrey Bryzgalov
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