Developing Unattended Ground Sensor system

2001 - 2015 / projects
This is a battery-operated wireless security system that helps to protect the national boundaries from unauthorized intrusions. The system is based on the sensors that detect seismic vibrations and alert the operator.

During the military campaigns in Chechnya, militants kept on shelling garrisons at the night time. We developed the UGS Mk1 system that detected the hazards and alerted the soldiers.

2001 - 2002

After the first release, we continued to work on the system improvement. As a result it detected hazards in any indoor and outdoor environment (mountains, plains) with equal efficiency. UGS Mk1 system started to be used for extended perimeter protection more and more often. The advantages of connecting systems into complexes became absolutely clear.


We developed a geographic information system that stored the output of all the sensors and displayed them on the map. It helped to increase the coverage and detect several intrusions at the same time.


In 2005 we developed a new version of the system. The use of a two-way radio channel increased the operation life of the the sensors and provided the means for their remote configuration. The system got bigger coverage and longer distance of the efficient data communication.

2005 - 2012

Our clients were fully satisfied with UGS Mk2 and during these seven years we provided ongoing support and adapted the solution to various operating conditions.


Soon the system was complemented with a video surveillance system which increased the quality of alarm monitoring.


To enter the civil market, we complemented the system with infrared heat sensors to monitor alarms in the open areas.


We also equipped the UGS Mk2 system with a radio sensor to detect hazards in open areas by using the radio field.


Since 2001, we had been developing an alternative system that would be able to effectively trace the intruder's path and in 2011 the system was released.


In 2015, we enhanced the tracking sensor and by doing so streamlined its operation and reduced installation time.


Кроме того, в 2015 году мы выпустили радиолучевой датчик с повышенной выносливостью и чувствительностью для охраны участков со сложными сейсмическими и погодными условиями.

Microwave Technologies
Cross-Border R&D Center of the Russian Federal Security Service
Tactical Unattended Ground Sensor system

We developed a portable security system with unique performance characteristics meeting the highest requirements set by military and security forces


UNATTENDED TERRAIN MONITORING SYSTEM (UTMS). The system is designed to prevent illegal and terror activities on critical infrastructure objects.

2012 - 2018 / Security Systems, Oil&Gas
Pressure monitoring device for hydraulic fracturing

Our company designed a pressure monitoring device for an oilfield service company to provide pressure monitoring during well stimulation process.

2017 / Oil&Gas