We also decided to spin off the waterjet cutting department. Thus we could focus on our own projects and have an access to the required technologies.


Uniscan Research was getting more and more orders and needed a waterjet cutting technology to differentiate them. In 2008, the company purchased a metal cutter but internal orders were not enough to use the equipment to its full capacity. Besides, switching focus from the end product to mastering new technologies reduced the overall performance of the company.


We decided to spin off the waterjet cutting department into a separate company. We found a management team and provided the company with a startup capital. The team of GARS could use the resources of Uniscan Research, ask for financial assistance or consult the company.

In the beginning, the new team was to promote their services in the sheet metalwork market. Now GARS is targeting the market and providing services to all the clients on a regular basis. The principle condition is working with small batch products starting with a single prototype.


GARS products

Managers — Andrey Nasibullov, Anatoly Verkhoglyadov, Andrey Tkachenko, Ivan Eliseev
Expert — Andrey Bryzgalov
more solutions

Together with Akadempark we created and realized the concept of the Engineering Support Center (ESC) — an infrastructure for developing innovations in the instrumentation field.

We arranged a workshop where the top managers of ESC discussed the similar problems of technological company management and possible solutions.

We published a book on the work of Fakel, a research, development and production facility that performed complicated development orders in Akademgorodok in 1960's.