More intelligence,

We're always glad to welcome a new awesome specialist!

We are interested in the following competencies:

  • Various areas of physics
  • Programming of PCs, microcontrollers, FPLDs
  • Specialized programming (MatLab, LabView)

  • Power, analogue, digital and microwave electronics development from single components to integrated systems:
    • Concept formation;
    • Modeling of the basic components;
    • PCB development in Cadence OrCAD;
    • Product support from prototyping to mass production.

  • Production quality control system development
  • Industrial design and mechanics development (SolidWorks, PDM)
  • Software and equipment testing
  • Technical writing
  • Project management


You can join one of our projects to get practical training or gather materials for your thesis research. And who knows, maybe you like it and stay with us longer.