Theory Of Constraints

2009 / Management
With introduction of the Theory of Constraints, our prototyping workshops got an ability to complete all the orders in time.


By 2009, the number of orders increased dramatically and we were unable to finish all of them in the specified time. That affected the image of the company and resulted in the loss of orders.


We studied different management methods and chose the Theory Of Constraints (TOC). The TOC is a management concept introduced by Eliyahu M. Goldratt in 1980s. It offers the managers to focus on the limits that keep their companies from development.


By 2009, one of our employees got a training in the TOC strategic solutions and we decided to test them on our prototyping workshops. Even before the introduction of the TOC, the workshops had a culture of constant search for efficient solutions and used an order management system developed by the employees of the workshops.

We made meeting the deadlines our first priority and geared all the processes to serve the goal. Within mere four months, the number of overdue orders fell from 30 to just one with about 300 orders a month at the average. Besides the same number of employees could now handle twice as much orders. And in doing so equipment was not replaced and sometimes even stood idle.

Expert — Alexandra Bryzgalova

TOC Strategic Solutions
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We tried a number of project portfolio management tools but the simplest and most efficient one was Kanban.

2014 - 2015 / Management

The methods of Scrum helped us manage client expectations much better and develop what the clients really needed and not just what was given in the statements of work.

2014 - 2015 / Management