Developing Unattended Ground Sensor system

This is a battery-operated wireless security system that helps to protect the national boundaries from unauthorized intrusions.

Tactical Unattended Ground Sensor system

We developed a portable security system with unique performance characteristics meeting the highest requirements set by military and security forces


UNATTENDED TERRAIN MONITORING SYSTEM (UTMS). The system is designed to prevent illegal and terror activities on critical infrastructure objects.

2012 - 2018 / Security Systems, Oil&Gas

Perimeter security solution: a compromise between the detailed path and nonvector alarm.

New microwave sensor for UGS Mk2 system ensures security in difficult seismic and/or weather conditions.

The second edition of the secutity system with ruggedized sensors and bigger coverage.

Unattended ground sensor (UGS) system Mk1 was a short-range security system for short-term missions.