Scanfex Profile Geometry Control System

Scanfex Profile Geometry Control System

2011 - 2012 / Instrumentation
customer: Sib. Profile
We developed a scanner and a software kit for quick and accurate aluminum profile geometry control.


We had to develop a device for automatic control of deviation between the technical drawing and the actual profile. Usually profile geometry is controlled manually. The results and the time spent for measurements depend on particular inspector and his or her qualification. Besides, it is impossible to measure all the sizes of complex profiles with a manual device.


We have developed Scanfex profile geometry control system that makes it possible to exclude human errors, shorten the control time and decrease the number of defective units.

The system consists of a scanner and software kit. The scanner scans a sample profile automatically and the software kit compares its geometry with the appropriate drawing. Than the software shows what profile sizes differ from the acceptable values. No special skills are required to operate the equipment.



After successful deployment of the system at Sib. Profile plant, we introduced it to the Russian and international market. Scanfex system is now successfully used by plants in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Italy, Portugal and Japan.

Project Manager — Sergey Nekrashevich
Programmers — Anna Usova, Mikhail Munkoev, Dmitry Kolbin
Sales — Natalia Brenner
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