Fakel book

We published a book on the work of Fakel, a research, development and production facility that performed complicated development orders in Akademgorodok in 1960's.


We wanted to tell our colleagues about the experience gained by the scientists and innovators in the field of instrumentation who were our predecessors and who inspired us to build Akadempark and the ESC.


We prepared and published a book about Fakel — a research and development company that functioned in Akademgorodok in 1960s. It was a self-governed organization that was searching for orders and worked on research and development projects. It’s worth to mention that the team of developers was not permanent. A special interdisciplinary team was gathered for every project.

The book is a collection of interviews and memoirs of Fakel team members. Fakel was the prototype of Akadempark and our source of inspiration is the process of establishing the Engineering Support Center.

We thought of Fakel not only due to its 45th anniversary but also because it was time to recover Akademgorodok’s glory of a place, “where smart guys can easily solve any problem” as it was in the time of the Soviet Union. Fakel’s experience cannot be replicated as is for economics has changed dramatically. But it would be good to adopt the main thing — a vigorous, creative spirit of the organization.


Click here to download the electronic version of the book and visit the office of Uniscan Research to get a printed book. Unfortunately, it is available in Russian only.


Photos by courtesy of Fakel team members

Compiling Editor — Irina Samakhova
Manager — Anton Ryadinsky
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