Technological infrastructure

2003 - 2015 / industry development
We believe that new technologies cannot be possible without prototyping. Building prototypes requires an available, high-quality technological infrastructure. We create such an infrastructure using our technical and management skills.

Import substitution for NIITO

2003 - 2004

Our first experience of creating a technological infrastructure was the spinal implant manufacturing plant for the Novosibirsk Scientific and Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (NIITO).

Accessories for Innalabs

2005 - 2006

After success with NIITO, we were contacted by Innalabs, an accelerometer manufacturing company. For them, we developed and launched a machine processing company.

Accessories for Sibel


We also consulted the organizer of a prototype workshop for a security system manufacturer. It was the first prototype workshop that worked both for the client and for the external market.

industry development

The experience we gained in establishment of technological companies determined the concept of Akadempark Engineering Support Center (CTO). We created the concept of the Center, selected technologies, developed the scheme of private sector participation, and provided the technological companies with the staff and the startup capital.



The first technological company was CTO Mekhanika that specialized in medium accuracy engineering. We became its cofounders.

VVS (All Types of Welding)


Next we launched a company that offered welding services for small-batch products.

Transformatory I Montazh


CTO got another affiliate. It was a company that manufactured customized transformers. Uniscan Research selected technologies and equipment for the company.



We also selected technologies and equipment for CTO affiliate that assembled PCBs for small-batch products.



CTO needed safe and sound delivery of its instruments to the clients so we became the cofounders of a company that manufactured custom, non-standard packages.

Research Facility of the Engineering Support Center (IK CTO)


The process of new instrument development requires fail safety testing of the instrument in various physical and chemical conditions. We selected the management team for the material testing company.

Instrumentation Engineering Business Incubator


We also became the cofounders of a company that supported startup projects of young entrepreneurs. Business-incubator leased premises and equipment to the teams working on innovative instrumentation technologies.


As the Engineering Support Center developed, more and more people got interested in our experience. Thus we created an FAQ website on functioning of the Engineering Support Center. Unfortunately, the website is in Russian only.


While working with the Engineering Support Center, the managers of the spin-off companies accumulated a precious experience that they wanted to share with their colleagues. In 2012, we arranged a workshop where top managers discussed the problems of technological company management and possible solutions.

industry development

In 2012, we published a book on the work of Fakel, a research, development and production facility that performed complicated development orders in Akademgorodok in 1960's. Fakel was our model and inspiration in the process of working on CTO Akadempark.



In 2012, a galvanization company was established. That was the last technology in the list of the Engineering Support Center and we became the cofounders of that company, too.

Management Methodologies

We realized that development and manufacturing control systems shall meet the objectives of and develop together with the company. That is why we never stop learning and teaching.

2009 - 2015 / Management

Together with Akadempark we created and realized the concept of the Engineering Support Center (ESC) — an infrastructure for developing innovations in the instrumentation field.

We tried a number of project portfolio management tools but the simplest and most efficient one was Kanban.

2014 - 2015 / Management