Engineering Support Center

customer: Academpark
Together with Akadempark we created and realized the concept of the Engineering Support Center (ESC) — an infrastructure for developing innovations in the instrumentation field.


In 2006, we launched a program called the Establishment of Hi-Tech Parks in the Russian Federation. Novosibirsk Oblast won the tender and the project was confided to the Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorogok. At the same time, despite the federal program no Hi-Tech Park concept was officially recorded nor any criteria to use for its performance evaluation were defined. There was a need for a development concept to define a clear, efficient way of building a platform for innovative companies.


The team of Uniscan Research offered the concept of the Engineering Support Center for developing innovations in the instrumentation field. The concept was to fill the Engineering Support Center with small single-purpose companies that would not go in for production but provide technological services to innovators.


Engineering Support Center (Atrium)


Andrey Bryzgalov:


Innovations in the instrumentation field are impossible without building prototypes: For investors, for testing, for presentation. But where to build them if plants are overwhelmed with manufacture of their own products and show no interest in anything else but bulk production? The management system in ESC companies is organized in such a way that small orders become much more beneficial. Such a center provides a unique and accessible infrastructure for prototype creation.


Together Uniscan Research, Akadempark and the regional authorities defined the concept of private sector participation to establish the Engineering Support Center. The State built the structures and facilities, purchased a part of expensive equipment, and leased to technological companies. Businesses provided the new technological companies with startup capital and qualified staff, arranged the management system. Besides, the businesses financed procurement of some equipment.


In total 14 companies were established within the Engineering Support Center including already existing GARS and BTR. Companies withing the ESC offered such services as galvanic metal treatment, polymeric coatings, thermal and chemo-thermal metal treatment, medium accuracy engineering, high-precision mechanics, metal bending, waterjet and laser cutting of various metals, soldering of CHIP components, manufacture of coil-winding products, soldering of DIP component, all types of welding services, physical and chemical analysis, mechanical and environmental tests, package design and manufacturing, small offset printing of technical and user documentation, PCB manufacturing, design and engineering of mechanical components, injection molding, and industrial design.

Having checked the use of the public funds allocated for implementation of the Russian hi-tech park development program in 2015, the Chamber of Control and Accounts declared Novosibirsk Hi-Tech Part to be one of the most successful hi-tech parks in Russia. By 2015 companies of the ESC gained enough self-sufficiency to let Uniscan Research stop being a founding member of almost all of the companies.

Coordinator — Andrey Bryzgalov
Back Office Manager — Andrey Fedorenko
Back Office Employee — Sergey Yarkov
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We arranged a workshop where the top managers of ESC discussed the similar problems of technological company management and possible solutions.

We published a book on the work of Fakel, a research, development and production facility that performed complicated development orders in Akademgorodok in 1960's.